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Seac K-Jack Universal Knife for Jacket

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Imagine you are on your next dive and you see a turtle entangled in a fisher's net! We have seen it a couple of times. In this moment you want to be prepared with a robust and stainless steel knife. Ideally to put into your pocket. The knife is well protected by the robust cover. Some other details include:
  • Knife with stainless steel blade and featuring a built-in line cutter
  • The blunt tip prevents accidental damage to the jacket bag and makes it possible to use the knife as a screwdriver
  • Universal kit for Attachment
  • Double-edge, smooth and serrated, and line cutter notch.
  • It is possible to use the knife as a screwdriver

Size: ca 15cm long

A diver's knife is truly a tool - useful for tasks from cutting fishing line to pointing out marine life to signalling to a dive buddy by knocking on your scuba tank. The Seac knife is a well-balanced divers knife with a strong tempered blade that is very popular with scuba divers and free divers alike.
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€29,00 EUR
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Seac K-Jack Universal Knife for Jacket
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