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Peter Stone Double Hammerhead Shark Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

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Inhabited in tropical and temperate oceans that have a flattened blade-like extension on either side of the head, with the eyes and nostrils placed at or near the ends, Hammerhead Sharks are known for their highly evolved features and senses that make them uniquely perceptive and efficient hunters of the sea. They are headstrong, independent, and adventurous. Spontaneous adventures are everyone’s cup of tea - raw and extraordinary, just as how the hammerhead sharks are full of energy and free to swim along beyond the horizon. They explore and find the courage to getaway.

Like hammerhead sharks, just go! Swim to an endless journey with the Adjustable Double Hammerhead Shark Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet which showcases its elegance and exquisite craftsmanship of DiveSilver Jewelry. Start today and advise yourself to be the best that you can be.


100% 925 real silver
2.9cm high hammerhead shark accessory

The jewellery comes in a nice gift box!

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€399,00 EUR
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Peter Stone Double Hammerhead Shark Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet
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