Hi Guys! I'M back! I hope you liked the posts before and maybe you found something interesting for yourself or your dive buddy! :) 


Today i want to show you my 4 Must Haves for the coming dive trip: 


1. First one: Cressi Tuna Bag Red

The Tuna bag has a rigid bottom, thanks to the structure that supports the rubber and anti-breakage wheels. It is designed to carry diving equipment more comfortably.

The material is water-repellent, even if not watertight. All metal components are made of rustproof stainless steel.

The capacity is 120 liters. It is equipped with a large internal mesh pocket with a zipper and a small external pocket with a zipper.


2. The second one: * NEW * Scuba Cressi Quantum Face Mask Advanced Anti-Fog


The major innovation with the Quantum mask is that as well as offering enhanced downwards vision it avoids the fogging phenomenon through the internal thermoregulation of the warm, damp air exiting the nose. This air is channelled by a system of membranes set in the moulding around the eyes and nose and deviating the flow towards the rubber skirt rather than the lenses.


3. The third one: Cressi Digi 2 - digital console (pressure gauge)

My favorite one is the pink one! :) 

Replace your old pressure gauge with a digital console, which shows so much more than just the 'Bar' left! Get it in 5 stylish colours and have a back-up computer with you. 


4. And last but not least: Scuba 2mm Lady Swimsuit Cressi Termico

As female diver, i do not want to dive in a bikini. This All-in-one 2mm swimsuit is perfect to wear below your wetsuit! 

  • The first suit protects against the cold.
  • In soft 2 mm neoprene
  • Designed specifically for swimming, snorkeling, and water sports in general, it allows great freedom of movement thanks to the special style and elasticity of the material.
  • It is made from double-lined 2 mm neoprene and comes with a front zip that makes it easy to put on and take off.


Which one is your favorite guys? Do you have some other inspiration for me? Should i take something else with me? :) Let me know.. 


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