Canva Print: the Ocean is Calling and I must Go

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Do you love wall prints? Express your love for diving with this fancy canva!
Comes in different sizes.

Type: Canvas Printings
Medium: Waterproof Ink
Subjects: Manta
Frame: As Selected
Technics: Spray Painting
Shape: Vertical Rectangle
Coating: UV, Water- Proof, Mosture-Proof

Our 'Diving Specials Shop' story began in April 2020 in the middle of the global travel crisis. Our dive travel business with worldwide dive vacation deals 'Diving Specials' has completely collapsed in the light of the pandemic. We used to give out key chains and luggage tags to our travelling guests and were suddenly facing a pile of our goodies on stock. Quickly the idea came up to sell our products for divers online. This moment marked the very start of our 'Diving Specials Shop'. Within 18 months we could win more than 3000 new diving clients from all over the world. We are shipping hundreds of items every week to equally minded ocean-maniacs. We package them with love. From divers for diver.

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